Well Water & Septic System Evaluation

Safeguard Your Health

Not Testing – Is it worth the risk?

Who: As a real estate agent or lending institution working with a client, or as a potential buyer of a property that has a well and/or septic system, safe drinking water and the location of the well and septic is essential to safeguarding health and getting loan approval.

Why: Young children and the elderly are most susceptible to water borne bacteria like E.Coli.  Drinking water contaminated with E. Coli can cause stomach cramps, vomiting, or diarrhea.  Chemical contaminants like arsenic, lead, copper, and pesticides can impair mental processes and make learning difficult.  Pregnant women and infants under six months are susceptible to nitrate ingestion which can cause brain damage in infants, cancer and even death. These contaminants can make your drinking water unsafe to drink.

What Is Included In The Evaluation: EPA Certified Sampling and Analysis:Presence / Absence of Total Coliform and E. Coli Bacteria Lead, and Nitrate/Nitrite Site mapping of the well and septic. Other analysis is available at an additional cost if requested.

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Q: What If I Want Other Tests Run On My Well?

A: Raven offers consultation regarding your testing needs.  Our water quality experts also provide information on the  specific tests you may want.

Q: How Do I Get My  Water Tested?

A: Call us at Raven, toll free (800) 380-7860.  We will come to your location complete a site evaluation, take samples, and have your results within 1 week.

Q: What If I Need To Get a Copy Of The Evaluation Later?

A: Raven will maintain duplicate records for you.  We protect these records for five years and assist you in reporting the results if requested.

Call Raven Analytical Laboratory at (800) 380-7860 or (989) 275-4790 for more information on Well and Septic Services. You may also use the form provided below: